The suggested solutions are true and complete to the best of Mr. Gan’s knowledge. All solutions are made without guarantee to be the actual O level marking scheme. 

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O Level A/IP math

The O Level Additional Mathematics syllabus intends to prepare students adequately for A Level H2 Mathematics, where a strong foundation of mathematical skills is essential. The syllabus is categorised into three main strands, namely, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, and Calculus. Students are also required to be proficient in their process skills, namely, reasoning, communication and connections, thinking skills and heuristics, and applications and modelling. The syllabus assumes the knowledge of O Level Elementary Mathematics.

In this blog, I would post upload higher-order thinking (HOT) questions with my worked solutions so as to expose them to questions that stretch their thinking and better prepare them for the Real World Context problems during O Level Examinations.

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