Jeffrey Xie

Mr Gan’s lessons really help me to better understand my lessons in schools and allow me to truly understand concepts. Mathematics now doesn’t seem as hard as before!

Aveline Chow

I started math tuition with Mr Gan at the end of J1. Although my foundation was weak, Mr Gan was very patient with me and guided me step by step. His worksheets are very effective in ensuring that you master the concepts well before attempting the higher level questions. This  really built my self confidence because math was initially one of my weakest subjects, and I was always discouraged when doing school tutorials. His method of teaching and willingness to answer questions outside of lessons played a huge role in helping me understand difficult topics. He is one of the most approachable and passionate teachers I know (and he’s also willing to answer all your questions outside of his lessons)! Thank you for everything Mr Gan :))

Elysia Tong

Mr. Gan’s passion for teaching and sincerity is very clearly demonstrated through the effort he puts into creating worksheets and clearing his students’ misconceptions. He is able to provide guidance when needed and doesn’t hesitate to help even if a simple question is asked. To add on, the use of technology as compared to usual teaching methods (like whiteboard, projector) makes it more efficient for learning. I am able to focus on understanding the concepts and workings instead of scrabbling to copy down solutions. All in all, Mr Gan is able to create a conducive and comfortable learning environment that encourages questions where students develop an interest for problem solving even for those not inclined in math.


Mr Gan explains the concepts very clearly and his notes are well organised according to the type of questions for each chapter. His classes are lively and it makes learning maths more enjoyable. He does not hesitate to stay back after class to explain other doubts or questions that we might have. I have definitely seen an improvement in my school work in just a month of joining the tuition. I would highly recommend Mr Gan to anyone who is looking to join a math tuition!