Marcus Chao

Mr Gan’s lessons have helped me to improve from scoring 50s to 80s in my math exams within the span of only a few months. He tailors his lessons according to the weaknesses and strengths of his students, and makes sure that his students understand the content being taught. Lessons with him are flexible and interesting, and he teaches in a way that is easy to comprehend. All in all, I had a great experience learning from Mr Gan and I am thankful for his dedication and commitment in helping me improve as a student.

Keat Wee

When I first came into the class, I disliked the subject Mathematics greatly, every time I came across it, I would try to avoid it. Initially, I was doing very badly in school for Mathematics and often failing the subject. However, after I joined Mr Gan’s class, I found my interest for the subject to deepen and my grades have slowly improved as well. Mr Gan’s classes are always fun and interesting and he never fails to make us laugh whilst still managing to help us in clarifying our doubts. It is amazing how much he can accomplish in these lessons despite me not having a strong mathematical foundation and not paying attention in school. I am very grateful for Mr Gan and is definitely a great teacher.

Ruth Rachael Mathew

Mr Gan saved me from dreadful Math. He never failed to make math enjoyable as his explanations always make the concepts very clear and easy to comprehend. He is always super patient with my quarries (because I am super blurh sorry sir >.<)and never failed to answer our questions. His notes were extremely clear cut for revision and even when first introduced to the concepts. Mr Gan always prepares material based on topics that we are unclear with beforehand to ensure that lessons are super-efficient but yet extremely fun that you don’t even realise that you did 2 hours of lessons. It extremely productive and I am super grateful for the past years with Mr Gan. Thank you so much for the lessons and helping me improve my math!