2018 September Holidays H2 Mathematics Crash course

These Crash Courses aim to provide an adaquate overview on the chapters of Vectors, Maclaurin Series, Functions and Sequence and Series in the Singapore H2 A Level Mathematics Syllabus.

Each class comprises of A FEW KEY CONCEPTS which are frequently tested in the National and Internal School Examinations. The curriculum is designed under the assumption that students have no prior knowledge of the subject and intends to go through all the KEY CONCEPTS in a detailed manner.

In each lesson, I will

  1. clear the conceptual barriers,
  2. go through examples in detail and
  3. allow students to try questions on common situations.

By the end of the courses, students would be able to solve prelims or A-level types of questions. 

To register please fill in the form below or WhatsApp/Call 8748 8161. 

All summary notes and worksheets will be provided. Students are only required to bring their stationery and graphing calculator.
Lessons are all conducted at

Coronation Shopping Plaza
587 Bukit Timah Road, #03-36
Singapore 269707


Duration: 2.5 hours/lesson

Fees: $100/lesson. (4 lessons: $360/4 lessons)

Sign up with a friend and enjoy a discount of $10 for each lesson or $50 for 4 lessons!

Courses are suitable for both J1 and J2 students. 


4th Sept, Tuesday9.30am - 12.00pmVectors (Lines & Planes)
4th Sept, Tuesday12.30pm - 3.00pmMaclaurin Series
7th Sept, Friday9.30am - 12.00pmFunctions
7th Sept, Friday12.30pm - 3.00pmAPGP & Sigma Notation

Registration Form:


VectorsMaclaurin SeriesFunctionsSequence and Series


Terms and Conditions:

  1. There is no refund once you have signed up and made payment for the lesson(s).
  2. Payment can be made via bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Call 8748 8161 for enquiries.