June Holiday H2 Math Workshop: Vectors and Integration

This Vector and Integration Revision Crash Courses aim to provide an in-depth overview on the chapter of Vectors and Integration in the Singapore H2 A Level Mathematics Syllabus.

Each class comprises of A FEW KEY CONCEPTS which are frequently tested in the National and Internal School Examinations. The curriculum is designed under the assumption that students have no prior knowledge of the subject and intends to go through all the KEY CONCEPTS in a detailed manner.

In each lesson, I will

  1. clear the conceptual barriers,
  2. go through examples in detail and
  3. allow students to try questions on common situations.

By the end of the courses, students would be able to solve prelims or A-level types of questions. 

To register please fill in the form below or WhatsApp/Call 8748 8161. 

All resources will be provided.
Lessons are all conducted at

#01-33 320 CLEMENTI AVENUE 4


Fees are $90/lesson. 

4 lessons of the same topic: $320 (10 hours)

8 lessons: $600 (20 hours)

Sign up with a friend and enjoy a discount of $20 for 4 lessons or $50 for 8 lessons!


11th June, Monday10.00am - 12.30pmVectors I - Basic Results
11th June, Monday1.30pm - 4.00pmVectors II - Equations of Lines
14th June, Thursday10.00am - 12.30pmVectors III - Equations of Planes
14th June, Thursday1.30pm - 4.00pmVectors IV - Applications of Vectors
18th June, Monday10.00am - 12.30pmIntegration Techniques I
18th June, Monday1.30pm - 4.00pmIntegration Techniques II
21st June, Thursday10.00am - 12.30pmApplications of Integrations
21st June, Thursday1.30pm - 4.00pmDifferential Equations

Registration Form:

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